How to Transform Your Space with Pillows


Need a little change in your living space? With a neutral palette, there are so many ways to transform your space. Although it may seem tough, one of the best ways to give your space the pop it deserves is by adding pillows! We have good news for you here at Humble Dwellings! In order to cure all problems, we have come up with five ways to completely transform your space with just pillows!



1. Acknowledge size

    This might not sound like much, but when considered it can really make the difference you are looking for. When you see a sofa with pillows on it, you want some variety in size. This keeps the eye moving from one pillow to the next and adds interest! If you feel like your bed or sofa needs a face-lift, try considering the size of your pillows. Start with a couple larger (22”x22”) pillows then add in a few smaller (18"x18") ones. To finish off the look, add a pillow that is more rectangular, like a lumbar pillow.


2. Bring in some color

    Let’s talk color! We know, we know - when it comes to color, it’s easy to feel scared! Neutrals are in and oh so beautiful, but nothing makes a space feel complete and well designed like good use of color. It’s nothing to get scared about! We aren't saying to throw the brightest colored pillow you can find on your sofa. What we mean is to pick a subtle color that enhances your space. Next, decide if you want a monochromatic look or a variety of colors.  Once you choose that, you can start shopping. Everyone loves this part, right? While you're shopping, look for a few different shades of the color you have chosen. Remember to look for variations of light and dark colors to add in contrast. That will really make it pop!


3. Don’t forget about texture

    Texture is huge. This will really give you the “homey” vibe you are striving for in your space. If you want to keep things neutral in your color scheme, texture is what will make your design feel well rounded and give it a finished look. We are loving the contrast between textures right now. Don't be afraid to choose a pillow with some fur or fringe and compliment it with a smoother cotton weave. This makes each textile stand out and look amazing!


4. Choose your style

    Pillows can determine the style of your space, whether it is clean and collected or cozy and decorative. So before you fill your sofa with every pillow in sight, establish what look you desire in your space. Knowing what style you're going for really helps to narrow down your options. This makes it easier to find the perfect pillows for your space!  


 5. Mix and Match Patterns

    Mixing patterns is such a great way to switch things up and modernize any room! There are so many beautiful patterns out there. Remember that you can mix patterns with texture, and not every pillow needs to have a pattern. Multiple textures and patterns can create an amazing look and will show off your great taste! Be mindful of different styles. You probably wouldn’t want to combine a retro chevron with a delicate Tuscan textile. Mixing patterns is so great, so have fun with it!


Ready, Set, Design!

So, there you have it. We've given you five ways to totally transform your space with JUST pillows! We promise that when you consider size, texture, pattern, and color you’ll find that you have a beautifully designed and balanced room!  If you still feel like you want some help transforming your space, feel free to contact us and have one of our designers help you with your next project! You can meet with our designers in store or we can come to you!

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All photos byTessa Barton - @tezzamb