Christmas Decor In Your Home

Christmas is coming right around the corner and we wanted to help you with a few ideas so you can give your home the last minute flare it needs to really bring in the Christmas spirit! As you decorate, be careful that you don’t go too over board, or take away from what you already have in the beautiful place you have curated!

So, here are a few quick tips and tricks to bring Christmas to life! We want you to be able feel the beauty Christmas can bring into your home while you enjoy the people around you.


1. Stick With Your Color Scheme

No matter what color scheme you have, you can still stick with it as you are selecting your christmas decorations. It may come as a shock that you can, and should incorporate your existing color scheme in with your new added Christmas decor. There are always thoughts that you have to go with classic “red and green” but you really don't! For example, if you have neutrals and metals, stick with that. If you have a rustic styled space, come in to buy our wooden nativity that will match your existing decor perfectly! With your nativity, some garland, or pine, add a few neutral colored ornaments into a jar and put them together on your mantle. Using metals that you already have will really make your christmas decor pop! For example, if you have brass lights, buy brass ornaments for your tree.

2. Rock What You Got

I know this will be surprising, but you can do a few little things to add to your christmas decoration that will cost little to no money. For example, grab your favorite white, or clear glass vase (that you already have) and put in some pine greenery; instantly, you will feel the Christmas spirit start to flood into your space. If you plan on hanging a wreath over a fireplace, or on the door, tie a cute gold, or silver (any neutral) ribbon around it. It will look much more thought out, more styled than before, and you will love how festive it feels!

3. Make the Most of Your Tree

Now after these first two steps, your Christmas decorations around your home will be beautiful and neutral, with those pops of reds and greens. For the tree, continue implementing the first two principles, stick with your color scheme, and take things that you already have, but always "go all out." The Christmas tree is the focal point of Christmas decoration; therefore, have fun with it. "Go all out!" It’s only up for a few weeks and once Christmas is over and you take it down, everyone in the home will miss it! Add ornaments, garland, glitter, and don’t forget about the lights! This doesn't mean that you can put anything on your tree and call it good. Feel Inspired! You still have to make sure the colors go together, and that you consider balance, and variation.

SO, now you have a few tips for last minute decorating. The parties you may be throwing this coming week are going to look amazing! Now, go and make it happen! Christmas is so fun to decorate for! Just remember these little tricks and add in your own style for the perfect recipe to the most magical Christmas you have had yet. We hope you have a Merry Christmas, and come stop in for the perfect Christmas decorations, and stocking stuffers. You will love them!

photos by: Tim Thompson + Travis J Photography

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Jasmine Meese