The Art of the Gallery Wall

You have all right right furniture, you’ve picked out  the perfect pillows, and your rug is exactly what you’ve been looking for, but yet, there is something missing in your space. Can’t figure out what it is?  Well, we have the missing piece to your otherwise perfect space. A gallery wall! Trust us, once you get something on the wall, it will act as that finishing touch that you’ve been looking for.

We’ve put together some tips to hanging your personalized gallery wall, just for you!

 The Art of The Gallery Wall

1. Use Different Sized Frames

Yes, you could hang two same-size frames by each other and call it good, but where is the interest? The quality and balance comes when you expand your horizons and use different sized frames. This will add style and intrigue to your art, and the gallery wall.  Pick 3 or 4 different sizes and play with the lay out making sure it is balanced on left to right, top to bottom. Don’t be afraid either to use different shaped frames to play with your wall space.

2. Plan THEN Execute- How to Lay it Out Before Installing

Perhaps you’ve tried to hang a gallery wall, and ended up with unwanted holes and off balance grouping of pictures. Don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us.  We suggest, as a way of making life easier, that you lay everything out first. Lay out the frames and prints on the floor and move them around until you like how it’s laid out.  After you have it planned out, cut out paper the exact size of your frames. Tape them on the wall (remember to use some painter’s tape etc. to not take the paint off your wall!)  in the formation you want your gallery wall to look, and hang your frames right over the paper.

This way, you don’t end up with the unwanted holes of hanging it wrong a couple times before finally getting the positioning right.  

3. Be Your Own Curator

This possibly is one of the most important parts of executing your gallery wall. Make sure you select prints that either are by the same photographer/artist, are all black and white, or resemble the same style. If there is a color you want to incorporate, make sure it carries through the majority of your collection of art and photography you want on the wall.  This will make it look put together, professionally done, and polished. Designer’s note- Try and choose photography or artwork that inspires you! Something that you will enjoy seeing in your space on the daily.

So, now when you walk into that room in your home, (you know the one) and start feeling like it's unfinished- start looking at the walls. See if you can’t find a place where you can fit that perfect gallery wall that will finish off your look!