Organic Modern

At Humble Dwellings we tend to get the question a lot, "what is your style?". After years of discussing the subject, trying to put our thoughts into words and having some great conversation together on the matter, we've narrowed it down to two words that define us- organic modern. 

We wanted to take a minute with you and dive in to explain what that actually means to us, and we'd love to hear what you think too?

We've refined it to some crucial points that are key elements we always try to stick to no matter the design project we're working on. These are: bringing outside elements in, balance of modern lines and natural textures, and earth tones. 


First off we want to get rid of the stereotype that modern style has to be considered shiny chrome furniture that looks like something out of the future. (We'll talk a little bit more about this further on, so stick with us just a bit longer...)


Outside Elements Inside

This is something we absolutely incorporate in each project we do. We love adding something from nature into any room. It could be a piece of driftwood across the coffee table or a plant on the countertop. They may be small, but they are naturally beautiful and they bring a softness to the overall look. It creates a juxtaposition against clean lines, making sure the modern accents don't feel cold or sterile. 



Modern Lines + Natural Textures

This once again falls into the idea of creating a juxtaposition in a room. The master bedroom pictured above? It's a great example, and we'll break it down. This is considered a pretty modern room when you take the furniture out of the picture. Clean white walls, straight black window panes, and smooth finished wood beams. What we did to warm up the space is play with textures. The accents like the fur pouf, the deep brown leather chairs, and dark green velvet headboard all bring personality to the space. It's what's going to make it feel cozy, and also where your color is going to come into play. We kept the bedding white to keep the flow going with the white walls in this case.

Moral of the story is, now days your house is going to have a modern shape to it, so don't feel like everything needs to be clean and crisp to match it. Bringing in natural textures through pillows, bedding, and furniture pieces is going to give character and dimension to a room.


Earth Tone Colors

Okay, so when it comes to colors, we love them! We usually just try to avoid the unnaturally bright almost neon like colors. When we bring a certain color into a room, we make sure to stick to a little bit more muted tone of it, like how you would see it out in nature. Thus, earth tones. 

So say you're going for some green tones in your living room. We'd look at some inspiration from the surrounding area. Like if you're in the mountains? Maybe go for a deeper green that you find in spruce trees. If you're by the beach? Its going to be a bit more vivid green that you find in palms or more tropical plants. You're surroundings will keep you in check and keep your colors consistent if you follow this trick. 

Plus the best part? It's proven that nature creates a physical calming effect over the human body. So when you're drawing your colors from nature, those softer tones are going to create that calming effect in your space. 


So there you have it! Our 2 cents on how we make a space feel organic and modern. We love designing and love hearing your feedback, tips and tricks as well. Please comment and let us know what you do to create your own organic modern space. 


Humble Dwellings Team