Sometimes we find the best backdrop to create something in is nature itself...

As we drove out through the desert towards the Bonneville Salt Flats we were reminded how extremely lucky we are to live with such beautiful surroundings. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, and also happened to be Earth Day really putting our situation and location into deeper perspective.

Throughout our photoshoot we loved seeing how the colors in the sky changed to compliment the colors in the different furniture pieces, rugs, and pillows. We all thought, "If we could live outside all the time like this, wouldn't you?" 

It was a great reminder that we really are always trying to bring outside elements in. Beautiful plants to fill the corners of our home with color and fresh oxygen. Our favorite colors that we see in the sunset, found in our favorite throw pillows on our sofas. Crystals on our shelves and coffee tables bringing energy and natural beauty created by Mother Nature herself. 

How do you bring nature into your home? 

Xx  Humble Dwellings