home staging

We know the quality furniture can add to a home, especially when it’s on the market

Our home staging services cater to high-end luxury homes that are new builds or vacation properties. We provide high level furnishings that match the value of your home

We have 3 levels of finish you can choose from: Comfort, Home, or Move In. Pricing is based per room and the square footage of the home, and runs on a month to month basis.


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Move In

The home pictured above is an example of our Move In package. This is our highest level of staging that includes all necessary furniture, decor, artwork, and accessories. This is our equivalent of turn key service.


Our Home package is the in between point. It has all the necessary furnishings for each room plus some lighting and a few accessories. It’s enough to give the room a feeling without any of the extra fluff.


This is our basic entry level package. It has all the essential furniture pieces for each room you’ll be staging. It does not include artwork, accessories or additional decor.